Tesla cuts down on delivery times in China

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Tesla has shortened the forecast delivery times for all Model Y and Model 3 variants produced in China by an average of around four weeks. The modifications at the Shanghai plant to increase production rates are apparently having an effect.

Tesla actually wanted to reach 22,000 vehicles per week by mid-May, specifically 8,000 Model 3s and 14,000 Model Ys. But that was prevented by the nearly two-month Covid 19 lockdown in Shanghai.

Now the Giga Shanghai upgrade to boost the production rate appears to be having an effect. According to Tesla’s latest quarterly report, Giga Shanghai now has an annual capacity of more than 750,000 vehicles. So the increase in production rate is now also reflected in delivery times.

For example, the delivery forecast for the entry-level version of the Model Y has been lowered from eight to twelve weeks previously to four to eight weeks. For the Model Y Long Range with two engines and all-wheel drive, the current estimate is 16 to 20 weeks, compared to 20 to 24 weeks previously. For the Model 3 with rear-wheel drive as well as for the Model 3 with two engines and all-wheel drive, delivery times are now 12 to 16 weeks. Previously, the expected delivery dates were 14 to 18 weeks and 16 to 20 weeks, respectively.

Recently, Elon Musk announced that Tesla had reached the one million electric car production mark in Shanghai. According to a post on Elon Musk’s Weibo account, Tesla plans to produce cars in Shanghai mainly for export in the first half of the current quarter and for the local market in the second half of the quarter. In July, 19,756 of the 28,217 Tesla cars sold from Shanghai were exported.



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