Sep 6, 2022 - 12:19 pm

The first MG4 Electric reaches European shores

The first batch of MG4 Electric cars was shipped from China to Europe and arrived at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, last Friday. MG aims to launch over 1,000 units of the electric compact model simultaneously in nearly 20 European countries and China on 13 September.

In addition, the SAIC brand announced plans to launch the MG4 Electric in other countries and regions such as Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and South America next year. MG Motor would thus be active in more than 80 countries around the world.

MG Motor has been accepting reservations for the compact electric car across Europe for just over four weeks. The first 1,000 reservations for the MG4 Electric, which will lead to binding purchases, are guaranteed to be delivered before the end of 2022, according to the manufacturer.

At the end of June, MG Motor gave more details about the compact electric car for European markets and a month ago also the first prices for Great Britain. There, the MG4 starts at 25,995 pounds, which currently equals about 30,800 euros. The variant with the 64 kWh battery costs at least 28,495 pounds (33,860 euros). However, German prices are still not known.


13 Kommentare zu “The first MG4 Electric reaches European shores

  1. Peter

    Will the MG4 come with a Heat Pump as standard or optional extra for the UK?
    Thank you

    • Ian

      My dealer tells me it won’t have one, even as an option.

  2. Chris Phillips

    Still waiting for the LR mgzs ev ordered 12 months ago

    • Jonnyfishing

      Me too. How can they push new models when they have not completed orders for previous models. Is this political?

      • C POLLOCK

        seemingly they are from a brand new factory only making MG4

      • William

        I have been trying to find out if the drivers seat has lumbar support, as I tried the ZX EV which didn’t and I found the seat to be too soft for my back.

        • Graham Toyn

          Go on you tube there are a few reviews on there.Nicky Shields from Electrifying took one for a test drive and she was quite impressed with the car.Their is no provision for roof rails but it can tow but I’m not sure how much.

      • Brian

        Irish prices yet please? Don’t forget to add on ALL the gov. taxes, VAT, import duties. delivery charges, documentation charges and preparation charges. Thanks.

    • Paul Bennett

      Yep, still waiting, dealer has now told me that MG can no longer guarantee any delivery date this year for the zs!!!

    • Stephen Reid

      Hi Chris
      Am about to trade my 2022mg zs trophy lr in for mg 4 would be happy to offer it to you are you interested.

    • Shaun

      Had been waiting since December for the Zs lr as well. As soon as I herd about the mg4 I called the dealer. They swapped my deposit over and should have one in hand this month. I was prepared to have the zs even though it was 7year old tech, it was basically a replacement for my classic ionic 28kwh which has been great 6 years later and 115k miles. The zs ev felt like the same generation as 7 year old Hyundai but I was happy with that for the value and £1500 grant but no delivery. The mg4 is new technology, new tech, and actually available soon and is cheaper so the loss of the grant is not an issue.

    • Karl Ten

      I ordern a MG5 att 12 feb 2022 and I am still waiting. 🙁

  3. Paul

    I’ve been waiting for a ZS I ordered almost a year ago..I was promised delivery when I ordered by the end of April and they rep did promise before I signed my order, otherwise I would not have ordered it.. and here I am in September and they have not even called or emailed once to update me.. I just hope if I decide not to cancel that they don’t ignore me when the car needs service or repair?? Can MG explain that apart from the issue about chips when they told me on ordering that it’s not a problem…

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