Tevva wants to enter European markets with 19t electric truck

British truckmaker Tevva is at the IAA Transportation in Germany this week to reveal its market entry for mainland Europe. On display as well is Tevva’s heaviest truck to date. Powering the 19-tonne-vehicle are batteries and a fuel cell range extender.

The dual system is the same as the first Tevva vehicle utilises. Said 7.5-ton truck reportedly went into production last month. The 19-tonner on display in Hanover now highlights the scalability of their technology, so Tevva, and boasts similar performance data.

The heaviest truck in the company’s portfolio will also have a range of up to 500 km, depending on the number of hydrogen cylinders, which Tevva says can be refilled in ten minutes. The hydrogen energises the fuel cell range extender, which recharges the Li-ion battery during truck operations.

As for production and EU expansion plans, Tevva remains committed to its “build where we sell” philosophy, at least on paper. Today’s statement included references to their UK factory in Tilbury, Essex, building European vehicles, while also pointing to work being underway for a second facility in mainland Europe. The location and state of works remained open. Tevva said, however, that any new plant would utilise their “agile, low-Capex, rapid implementation production system and double manufacturing capacity to 6,000 trucks per year by 2024.”

Each facility will then produce 7.5t to19t (Class 5 to 8) trucks for customers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Benelux, according to Tevva.

The company added that they were also considering reaching other parts of Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Tevva Founder and CEO Asher Bennett added that the 19t truck market was “a huge and exciting opportunity for Tevva in Europe” when debuting the new vehicle at the IAA. “We have already received significant interest for the 19t model and look forward to collaborating with our customers and industry partners to create a pan-European fleet electrification ecosystem.”

Tevva is part of ALICE, the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe.

Partners and clients include freight services and logistics companies Codognotto, FM Logistic Ibérica, and Kinaxia.



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