Aiways to launch recycling programme for vehicles and batteries

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Aiways wants to work with partners in Europe to take back and recycle end-of-life vehicles and batteries, including accident vehicles. For the German market, Aiways has entered into a cooperation agreement with the vehicle recycler Priorec.

However, Aiways did not provide any details about the cooperation with Priorec in its press release. It is therefore unclear where and how vehicles and batteries are to be recycled in Germany. Priorec GmbH describes itself as a “specialist provider for the recycling of high-voltage systems, prototypes, cables and airbags,” but it also reconditions entire end-of-life vehicles. The Ingolstadt-based company is part of the Büchl Group.

Another cooperation, which is currently in the test phase, exists in France with Green Vision. The company specializes in the second-life use of high-voltage components from the vehicle industry and not only uses traction batteries but also uses motors for various applications. Four former test vehicles from the pre-series of the Aiways U5 were handed over to Green Vision and will now be used as test vehicles for various second-life projects.

One of these is to create electrical energy storage systems from the high-voltage battery that can be used, for example, to buffer renewable energies, increase the degree of self-sufficiency of photovoltaic systems or stabilize the grid. The second use is for the 150-kilowatt drive motor, which is to be used in electric-powered pleasure boats in the future.


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