Nov 22, 2022 - 12:34 pm

Nio introduces purchase options in Europe, ET5 launches at €49,900

Nio now offers rental as well as purchase options for its electric models in Europe. This applies with immediate effect to the Nio models ET5, ET7 and EL7 in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The purchase prices for the ET5 in Germany start at 49,900 euros – but without the battery.

For the premiere model, the ET7 electric sedan, prices start at 69,900 euros. The Nio EL7, for the time being the only electric SUV in the range, costs at least 73,900 euros. However, the battery is not yet included in these prices – it can be either rented or purchased.

The rental costs for the 75-kWh battery in Germany are 169 euros per month, the 100-kWh battery is offered for 289 euros per month. Those who prefer to buy the power storage unit pay 12,000 euros for the 75-kWh battery or 21,000 euros for the 100-kWh battery. This results in a total of 61,900 euros for an ET5 with a purchased 75-kWh battery. An ET7 with a purchased 100-kWh battery then costs 90,900 euros.

However, the purchase of the battery has one important restriction: the use of Nio’s battery exchange stations is only possible if the battery is rented. The purchased battery is the property of the customer, while the rented battery is offered as a service and remains the property of Nio – and can thus be exchanged flexibly.

As Nio confirms in the announcement, the vehicles with an option to purchase are to be delivered from the beginning of 2023. Compared to other delivery times for new electric cars, this is comparatively short, but the timeframe is not specified.

At the European premiere in Berlin at the beginning of October, Nio had announced that it would only sell its vehicles in Europe by subscription. Since many potential customers subsequently indicated that they would prefer to buy the vehicle, Nio says it has reacted to this feedback and subsequently introduced the purchase option., (configurator ET5), (configurator ET7), (configurator EL7)


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