Keolis e-bus order extensions in Denmark & the Netherlands

The public transport operator Keolis has received two contract extensions in Denmark and the Netherlands, involving the deployment of a total of 24 new electric buses. It is still open which models Keolis will order for the two fleets.

In Denmark, Keolis was awarded the contract to operate a line in the Copenhagen area for four more years until 2026 and to add 17 electric buses to the existing fleet. According to the contract with the Danish transport authority Movia, Keolis will also be responsible for the maintenance of the existing vehicles and the 17 new electric buses. The one line will reach 700,000 inhabitants on 50 kilometres of route.

In the Netherlands, Keolis was awarded a two-year contract extension to operate its bus network in the Utrecht area until December 2025. The contract includes the addition of seven electric buses. Here, the entire bus network is incomparably larger than the contract in Denmark: in Utrecht, there are 18 cities and municipalities with a total of 1.4 million inhabitants. The seven electric buses are the first EVs in the Keolis fleet in Utrecht, comprised of a total of 222 buses.

The financial details of the two contracts have not been disclosed. It is also still unclear exactly which vehicles Keolis intends to procure for the two orders. In the past, Keolis has ordered electric buses from various manufacturers, including the Chinese manufacturers BYD and Yutong. Earlier this year, Keolis reported numerous problems with the 246 BYD electric buses the company put into operation in the Netherlands.


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