Rivian delivers first international R1T & R1S in Canada

US electric car startup Rivian has kicked off international deliveries of its R1T and R1S EVs, handing over the first units in Vancouver. Just like the rollout in the US, the first deliveries were to employees, but first customer deliveries are scheduled before the end of the year.

At a launch party in Vancouver this past weekend, Rivian first publicly presented the new vehicles for their future owners, which was quietly preceded by the first deliveries to employees on Thursday. The rollout follows the same concept as the US market entry, where Rivian had also delivered the first vehicles to their own employees.

Rivian has had a pretty tough year over 2022, which had started with the postponement of the large battery vehicle variants in January, but had picked up with the news that the Soros Fund was investing in the company. This is where the production rampup began struggling, as Rivian then raised prices before immediately backtracking on the statement. Days later, the startup revealed that the associated costs from the production ramp-up were massive. Later, Rivian fired their head of production, before taking the axe to the rest of the company in an effort to cut costs. Finally, Rivian issued a voluntary recall of all of its previously-delivered 13,000 vehicles due to a loose fastener in the steering mechanism.



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