Peugeot prepares to launch the e-3008 and e-5008

Peugeot now also announces the 3008 and 5008 with all-electric powertrains. As the Stellantis brand explained during the presentation of its ‘e-Lion’ project, the e-3008 will be the first vehicle based on the new STLA mid-size platform and is to be unveiled in the second half of this year.

Peugeot is promising ranges of up to 700 kilometres for the e-3008, while three electric powertrains are planned, including twin motors. The Peugeot e-5008 will follow shortly afterwards. The e-3008 and e-5008 are two of five new electric models Peugeot plans to launch within the next two years. The other three are the e-308/e-308 SW and the e-408, the former of which is already available to order.

With the announcement of the first STLA BEV under the Peugeot brand, Stellantis is realising its previously set schedule, according to which the introduction of the ‘STLA Medium’ platforms for passenger cars in segments C and D and ‘STLA Large’ for passenger cars in segments D and E is still planned for the current year. When presenting the platform plans, Stellantis already revealed that the STLAs are to enable a range of up to 700 or 800 kilometres for BEVs. For passenger cars in the A, B and C segments, the second generation of the e-CMP platform will initially serve as a transitional solution until 2025, before the new ‘STLA Small’ platform, which is to enable ranges of at least 500 kilometres for BEVs, is used from 2026. The fourth Stellantis platform to be used from 2024 will be ‘STLA Frame’ for large SUVs and pickup trucks with BEV ranges of at least 500 kilometres.

According to product director Jerome Micheron, Peugeot will change with the new platforms, although the brand core is to be preserved. Peugeot further announced new proportions, a completely new design language and a rethinking of the interior and its functions. Peugeot recently gave a preview of the design language of its electric cars from 2025 with the Inception Concept presented at the CES.

In addition, Peugeot’s steer-by-wire and the next generation of the intelligent Peugeot i-Cockpit will be introduced in the battery-electric future from 2026. Parent company Stellantis will also contribute the data centre (STLA-Brain), a central digital tool (STLA-Smartcockpit) and autonomous driving functions (STLA-Autodrive). Through cooperations with providers such as Amazon and Foxconn, the manufacturer is also bringing further services into the car.

In its latest announcement, Peugeot also reaffirms its goal of becoming an all-electric car brand in Europe by 2030. Initially, every model in Peugeot’s product range is to be electrified this year, followed by a 100 per cent electrified range in 2025. However, this still includes hybrids. This will no longer be the case in 2030. With this in mind, the French have now presented a new mild hybrid technology, the MHEV 48v system. But that is just a side note.

Peugeot embeds the electrification strategy in an even broader CO2 reduction strategy, which is to reach CO2 neutrality in 2038. In the course of this, the service life of battery electric vehicles is to be extended to 20 to 25 years – compared to today’s rather 15-year service life for combustion engines. The vehicles themselves are to be rethought in terms of weight, waste, resources and energy. Peugeot announces, for example, that it will do without chrome and alloys in future, make the seats lighter and use recycled alloy wheels.

In future, Peugeot also will add offers inspired by the smartphone world: a ‘pay-as-you-go’ variant with monthly payments based on a flat rate for kilometres, which is currently already available in France. Here, customers can charge additional kilometres as needed at a price of 7 cents per kilometre. Peugeot says it will “extend this initiative to the entire model range and other markets”.

The other option involves a traditional leasing model with monthly payments that include the vehicle, all service and maintenance, insurance and charging. “Considerations of EV ownership are evolving beyond the general principles of EV and into personal logistics,” expresses Phil York, Global Director Marketing and Communications.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


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