Norwegian customers buy significantly less cars than usual

Less than 2,000 passenger cars were newly registered in Norway in January; some 6,000 fewer than in the same month last year. This comes after Norway hit a new record in December, with 32,714 newly registered batter-electric passenger cars – by far the strongest month in 2022.

Following December’s record high, the market share of zero-emission cars also took a hit, reaching only 66.5 per cent. In January 2022, the EV market share was 83.7 per cent. This past month, a total of 1.236 new battery electric and one hydrogen-fueled car hit the streets in Norway last month. That is 81.4 per cent less than in the year prior. On top of that came 112 used imported EVs, also nearly 86 per cent less than in 2022.

Still, the most sold car in Norway was fully electric. With a total of 212 newly registered cars, the VW ID4 secured the top of the model ranking, followed by the Toyota Yaris (160) and Skoda Enyaq (127).

Even though the total number of hybrids and plug-in hybrids was also lower than in January 2022, the market share more than doubled. Together, the two drive types made up just under 24 per cent of all newly registered cars in January, while the market share was 11.4 per cent in January 2022. Especially HEVs saw a comeback, with a market share of 14.1 per cent (4.7 per cent in January 2022). 9.8 per cent of newly registered passenger cars were PHEVs, a slight plus compared to a market share of 6.8 per cent in the same period last year.,

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about „Norwegian customers buy significantly less cars than usual“
Per Hassel Sørensen
03.02.2023 um 08:09
It should be noted that Norway added sales tax to expensive electric cars from January 2023.

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