Gruber Logistics orders 50 heavy electric trucks

The South Tyrol-based transport company Gruber Logistics will expand its fleet by 50 electric trucks within the next two years. In addition, the European logistics company plans to build its own charging infrastructure for its electric vehicles.

For the acquisition of its fleet expansion, the company is following a multi-brand strategy, and the electric trucks will be sourced from the manufacturers Volvo, Scania and Iveco. Each of the trucks will have a total weight of 44 tonnes and ranges of 300 to 350 kilometres, however specific models were not mentioned. Gruber Logistics wants to use the electric truck fleet primarily in Germany but also hit the roads in Italy, Poland and the Benelux countries.

The fact that the vehicles now on order come from Volvo, Scania and Iveco is no coincidence: Gruber Logistics says it has been working closely with these three manufacturers for years. Therefore, the heavy-duty e-trucks will not just be a matter of purchasing the vehicles, but Gruber also supports the manufacturers in vehicle development and prototyping projects, according to its own information.

“Investing in the electric trucks is not a change of perspective for us, but a continuation of our path towards decarbonisation,” says Stefan Knapp, Executive Director Fleet at Gruber Logistics. “We do not assume that in the future there will be one alternative fuel that is preferable to all others. Rather, there will be a mix of solutions in the future, ranging from environmentally friendly fuels to electric solutions to the use of hydrogen.”

It fits in with this that the South Tyrolean company, in addition to the previous use of alternative fuels from biomass such as bio-LNG and biodiesel, now also wants to take a holistic approach to electric trucks – precisely with the announcement that it will also expand its own charging infrastructure for this. Details on this are not yet mentioned in the press release.

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