Stellantis launches charger construction in Italy


The car company Stellantis has started building fast-charging stations in Italy. The first fast charger of the Atlante project was installed at a Stellantis dealer in Magenta near Milan. Soon, the first Atlante columns will also follow at Stellantis dealers in France.

The local dealer Automagenta sells vehicles of the Stellantis group. The press release does not give any details about the DC column that has now been put into operation there. The press photo published shows that the charging point has two CCS cables and that the two parking spaces are clearly marked as charging points. According to earlier information, the Atlante fast chargers will have between 100 and 175 kW.

Atlante is officially a joint venture between Stellantis, NHOA Group and Free2move eSolutions, which is itself a joint venture between Stellantis and NHOA. As Atlante says it is Stellantis’ “preferred fast-charging network”, more fast charging points are to follow in the carmaker’s Italian dealer network. In the announcement, Stellantis also announces the opening of the first Atlante fast-charging points in France, which are expected to go into operation “shortly” at selected Stellantis dealerships.

Unveiled at the end of 2021, the Atlante project to build DC chargers in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal is part of Stellantis’ planned European charging network, which by 2025 will include more than 15,000 sites with a total of two million parking spaces and will be open to the public.

“To succeed in the zero-emission transition, we need to work at the global level with a partner of great importance, such as Stellantis, and at the community level, supporting the likes of Automagenta in their brave journey towards electric mobility,” says Atlante CEO Stefano Terranova. “Our commitment to this is clear: we have set up dedicated task force teams to personally attend to the needs of the many Stellantis dealers interested in setting up an Atlante station.”

“The energy transition does not happen in a day, it is a process that will take a certain amount of time, but initiatives of this kind give those who undertake them an important competitive advantage concerning the future scenario,” says Ciro Papa, Head of the e-Mobility Business Unit of Stellantis Italy.


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