Hyliko to use Toyota fuel cell modules for trucks

The French fuel cell truck developer Hyliko has signed an agreement with Toyota to supply fuel cell modules for its first H2 trucks. These are a 44-tonne tractor unit and a 26-tonne truck, which will be offered in 6×2 and 6×4 variants.

Under this agreement, the vehicles will each be equipped with two 2nd generation fuel cell modules from Toyota. In December last year, Forsee Power was contracted to provide battery systems for the H2 trucks, the hydrogen tanks from Plastic Omnium.

Hyliko says its trucks have a range of between 400 to 900 km and require only 20 minutes to refuel.  The hydrogen fuel cell truck start up has designed the rig so it can be fitted with bodies for a van, fridge, flatbed, dump and cranes with energy-intensive use.

Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko, says, “Over and above our desire to develop clean, efficient vehicles for road freight transport, we are pursuing efforts to roll out the key components of our offer which includes leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks and supply of hydrogen fuel.”

This approach is being increasingly used by providers of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, as infrastructure is only just starting to roll out for fuel cell trucks. Thiebault Paquet, Vice President Toyota Motor Europe R&D2 and Head of Fuel Cell Business said: Hyliko is a dynamic start-up with a broad vision on hydrogen, as they plan to offer all the main components of an eco-cluster: a fuel cell truck, the supply of green hydrogen and a leasing and maintenance scheme. Having such a holistic and long-term view on the growth of a viable hydrogen ecosystem is necessary for business sustainability and to reassure investors.”

In fact, Toyota has been quite proactive in Europe in forging ahead with hydrogen infrastructure. The European bus maker CaetanoBus uses Toyota’s fuel cell technology for its H2 buses. In 2020, the ties between the two companies were strengthened, and since the summer of 2021, the Portuguese company’s hydrogen and battery-electric buses have even carried the Toyota logo.

The fuel cells being integrated into Hyliko are Toyota’s 2nd generation hydrogen fuel cell modules. Toyota says this latest cooperation into the truck sector further expands its portfolio of partnerships. In these partnerships, Toyota provides its fuel cell technology across diverse sectors including trains, buses, generators and various marine applications.

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24.02.2023 um 23:40
How much space is required for this fuel cell. Is it is 3 times than the fuel tank?..How much kilometers it can run for a fuel cell?.

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