Nissan is testing two electric trucks in Port of LA


Nissan is now using two heavy-duty, Class 8 electric trucks to deliver new vehicles from the Port of Los Angeles to dealerships in the LA region. The electric trucks come from Nikola and Kenworth.

The program is being conducted in collaboration with logistics partner Avant-Garde Auto Logistics. In addition to the new truck fleet, Nissan has ensuring the appropriate infrastructure through collaboration with their current logistics partner Wallenius Wilhelmsen to install a charging solution to support the trucks operating from the Port of Los Angeles. This is not the end of the test, however, as Nissan writes that it will employ four electric trucks during the initial trial. Once the “proof-of-concept project” is completed, Nissan plans to deploy additional trucks in the Los Angeles area.

“Exploring the use of BEV trucks for new vehicle delivery is an important milestone in our journey toward carbon neutrality throughout our business,” said Chris Styles, vice president, Supply Chain Management, Nissan North America. “By being an early adopter of this technology, we’re showcasing our innovative spirit and positioning ourselves to meet our long-term goals for zero-tailpipe-emission transportation.”

The new transport measure is part of Nissan’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as well as launching a number of electric vehicles on the US market. Nissan has further announced plans to launch 19 new electric vehicles by 2030. However, just a few weeks ago, Nissan had announced that its supply of the battery-electric Ariya is limited in the US due to high battery costs. According to insiders, only 6,000 models have been allocated to the US market for the fiscal year 2022. However, given that Nissan has invested in electric drive production at their factory in Tennessee, the availability of battery-electric vehicles in the USA should slowly ramp up. This will also help the company qualify for the new conditions under the Inflation Reduction Act, which requires significant parts of production to be located in the USA in order to qualify for subsidies.


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