Volta Trucks expands TaaS service network in Europe

Swedish electric truck start-up Volta Trucks has announced the expansion of its Truck-as-a-Service (TaaS) network in Europe with two new locations in Germany and Spain.

Volta will use both new hubs in Duisburg and Madrid to offer comprehensive customer support, training and maintenance and service for the electric trucks used in these markets. The centres are expected to open soon, although the manufacturer did not specify when exactly.

In Duisburg, Germany the facility is located on a 3,000m² area and incorporates eight service and maintenance bays and twelve external truck parking spaces along with a showroom, office space, conference rooms and the company training facility ‘Volta Trucks Academy’. The facility in Spain covers an area of around 2,500m² and houses eight truck parking spaces, as well as four workshop bays providing maintenance and servicing along with a showroom.

“The new Hub locations in Duisburg and Madrid are a critical element in delivering the Truck as Service (TaaS) solution. They join sites already established in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, south of Paris, and Tottenham, in London,” said Casper Norden, Chief Fleet Solutions Officer at Volta Trucks, adding: “TaaS supports our customers and partners switching to an electric fleet by providing a range of turnkey components in one package, delivering competitive total cost of ownership and vehicle uptime, de-risking and accelerating their switch to the all-electric Volta Zero.”

Production of the Volta Zero at the production partner Steyr in Austria has been running since September 2022, but so far only second-generation prototype vehicles have been built for product validation. These vehicles are already technically very close to the series models and are also being used in the pilot fleet for real-life tests with customers. Production of the first customer vehicles is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2023, for which Volta has already allocated the first 300 production slots.



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