Mar 10, 2023 - 04:04 pm

Lion Electric takes Nikola Motors to court


There is a legal dispute between two manufacturers of electric commercial vehicles in the USA. Lion Electric has filed a lawsuit against Nikola Motor.

The background to the dispute is a major contract that Lion Electric awarded in 2020 to Romeo Power, a battery manufacturer that has since been taken over by Nikola.

According to the lawsuit, Romeo Power had initially raised prices in May 2022 by around 65 per cent above the maximum price stipulated in the agreement. After the takeover of Romeo by Nikola, the battery supply contract was then terminated – officially because of technical difficulties, but in reality, Nikola apparently wanted to secure its own battery supply.

Lion Electric has since started producing its own battery packs. Meanwhile, Nikola is also accused of contacting existing Lion customers and offering them to sell its own electric vehicles instead of those produced by Lion.

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