Xing Mobility brings immersion-cooling battery system to Europe

Xing Mobility, a developer of immersion cooling for batteries, has entered a strategic partnership with Nordic Booster. The Norwegian company specialises in batteries for construction equipment and mobile charging systems for heavy industrial vehicles.

The cooperation brings Xing Mobility’s Immersio XM25 battery system to the Northern European vehicle market for construction, agriculture and mining. The Taiwanese company first introduced the system last year. Nordic Booster has ordered Immersio-XM25 battery systems with a total of 2 MWh. According to Xing, the battery system is already being mass-produced and is available for delivery.

Nordic Booster will offer the XM25 for the electrification of construction and mining vehicles. The company has been distributing Xing Mobility batteries since 2019 and is the exclusive distributor for Xing Mobility in Northern Europe. The XM25 will also be included in the mobile charging stations produced by Nordic Booster, including Boost Charger, Hummingbird and other applications.

“We are proud to be working together with Nordic Booster in the Northern European CAM market,” said Sherwood Hochen, CSO of XING Mobility. “Their position as the Norwegian market leader in mobile fast chargers and construction machines, combined with our new advanced immersion-cooled battery technology, creates an unbeatable combination in the industrial vehicle space and an opportunity to transform the industrial vehicle market in Northern Europe.”

Xing’s immersion cooling technology involves the battery cells being entirely surrounded by coolant. Unlike common cooling plates or channels that only touch one or two sides of a battery cell, Xing claims a more even distribution of the temperature in the battery cell and the efficiency of the cooling. This is supposed to enable “super-fast” charging and double the service life of the cells.

The C-rate shows that the system is primarily designed for commercial vehicles with correspondingly large batteries. Charging is possible with 1C, discharging with 1.67C. System voltages of up to 800 volts are possible, and Xing states a service life of over 3,000 cycles.

Xing lists various industrial applications for its automotive-grade immersion-cooled battery pack, such as load haul dump (LHD) machines, tractors, excavators, commercial fleets, and stationary energy storage systems (ESS).

Jannik Stanger, CTO of Nordic Booster, adds that Xing’s immersion-cooled battery system “offers the good integration that our customers demand and we have gained deep knowledge in immersion-cooled batteries from XING Mobility since we started cooperating in 2019”. He called the system “the next game changer in battery technology” due to very high anti-thermal runaway risks and life cycle testing, indicating a 100% improvement compared to standard cooling technology. “These features will bring the XM25 product to the leading position while still using standard Li-ion cells,” Stanger said.


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