Stellantis gears up Rennes factory for SUV production


The car manufacturer Stellantis has announced plans to invest 160 million euros in its plant in Rennes in the north of France. An electric SUV is to roll off the production line there from 2025.

The electric car is based on the STLA Medium platform and is codenamed CR3, according to Reuters. It will be that of the current Citroën C5 Aircross, which is offered as a pure combustion engine as well as a plug-in hybrid. The CR3 will only be available as a BEV.

According to the manufacturer, the 160 million euros that Stellantis will invest in Rennes will go in particular towards setting up a battery assembly workshop and a plastic injection moulding workshop – the first in a French Stellantis plant. There, the “front surfaces” and “rear surfaces” for the next vehicle will be manufactured in-house.

“Rennes will be a compact and efficient site in the future, where its agility will allow us to tackle daring projects, such as plastic injection or measures in favour of the environment,” says Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. “The award of the site for the future STLA Medium platform in 2025, announced for 2021, is the direct result of their seriousness and commitment to manufacturing quality.”

In addition, a solar park is being built in Rennes to provide 30 per cent of the plant’s electricity needs. This is due to come on stream in 2025 and will cover 90,000 square metres. In order to achieve the self-imposed goal of climate neutrality by 2038, the gas boilers at the site will be replaced by a latest-generation biomass plant starting next year. (in French),


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