Stadler receives two orders for H2 trains from Italy

The Italian railway operators Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti (ARST) and Ferrovie della Calabria (FdC) have awarded Stadler two framework agreements for supplying and maintaining up to 25 hydrogen-electric trains. The first twelve vehicles have already been ordered.

In the case of ARST, the framework agreement provides for the delivery of ten narrow-gauge hydrogen trains in Sardinia. FdC will receive up to 15 similar vehicles for use in Calabria. In a first step, ARST and FdC have each signed binding orders with Stadler for six hydrogen trains. How much these will cost, or the total volume of the framework agreements, was not disclosed.

Stadler claims to be the world’s first train manufacturer to produce narrow-gauge hydrogen trains. Narrow-gauge lines are all rail transport lines with a gauge less than the standard 1,435 mm. In the case of the two Italian regions, it is 950 mm, according to Stadler.

In addition, after supplying the FLIRT H2 for American passenger transport, the company is now supplying hydrogen trains to Europe for the first time.

The ordered vehicles each consist of two passenger cars and a section called “PowerPack” by the manufacturer, which houses the fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, and other technical equipment. The lightweight aluminium construction is intended to increase the train’s energy efficiency.

With an overall length of around 50 metres, the new trains offer 89 seats per vehicle for 155 passengers and are also fully accessible for people with reduced mobility. In addition, the new vehicles offer specific areas for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles near the boarding and alighting doors and a toilet for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) that complies with TSI standards.

“Stadler enjoys a long and innovative partnership with ARST and FdC. We are proud to be working together to drive forward the decarbonisation of rail transport in Italy,” says Ansgar Brockmeyer, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales of Stadler. “The new narrow-gauge trains with hydrogen propulsion are a world premiere and will pioneer sustainable rail transport on narrow-gauge lines worldwide. We would like to thank ARST and FdC for their trust in us and look forward to expanding our partnership even further in the future.”

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about „Stadler receives two orders for H2 trains from Italy“
Marc Balcells
24.07.2023 um 15:10
These are very good news! Do you know which Fuel Cell system are they using? Does anyone know the power and the brand of the fuel cell system they are using??

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