SUBLIME sulphide solid-state electrolyte batteries

The European project SUBLIME aims to create solid-state battery cells based on sulphide solid-state electrolytes usable for widespread use in electric vehicles. The project not only focuses on the development of such cells but also their production and material procurement.

The central element of the concept is the development of a comprehensive value chain, starting with the definition of the requirements of the cells and ending with testing, according to a statement by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), which is involved in the project. The project is coordinated by the FEV Group and will run until the end of April 2024.

The points to be addressed in the technical development have also been identified. In the course of SUBLIME, the interfaces between the individual cell components will be modified to enable fast lithium-ion transport. The goal is to pave the way for scalable and efficient commercial production.

The newly developed batteries will be constructed from electrode materials with “increased capacity and voltage”, which should also allow a high degree of safety and operation at room temperature or even lower temperatures. The solid-state cells are intended to ensure smooth functioning during operation in vehicles under various environmental conditions.

The project will also create a roadmap for 2030 that will support the consortium of European partners “on the path to successful market entry of this technology”.

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology says it plays “a central role in SUBLIME” and is responsible not only for optimising cathode and solid-state electrolyte foils but also for disseminating the project results. Other project partners include the French battery manufacturer Saft and the Turkish automaker Ford Otosan.

“The SUBLIME project pursues the ambitious goal of making solid-state battery cells based on sulphide electrolytes usable for widespread use in the mobility sector. Our ambition is to support European battery producers in the sense of the Green Deal to make a decisive contribution on the way to emission-free and sustainable mobility,” says AIT battery researcher Artur Tron., (project website)


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