Hyundai faces class action lawsuit from the USA

The Hyundai Group is facing a nationwide class action lawsuit in the US from owners of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Hyundai Ioniq 6, Genesis GV60 and Kia EV6 electric models.

According to a statement from Hagens Berman, the law firm representing the plaintiffs, when AC charging at home, the electric cars’ charging ports often overheat after just 30 minutes, causing charging to fail unexpectedly and repeatedly. A software update provided by Hyundai in March 2023 means that charging processes now take ten hours or even longer instead of the advertised five to seven hours (depending on the model), as the update automatically reduces the current from up to 48 amps to 23 amps in the event of overheating, which was not communicated when the update was released.

“Not only do Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis continue to sell vehicles that are clearly incapable of performing as advertised, they also issued a software patch which substantially worsens charging rates and widens the gap between what they promised and what they delivered,” says Steve Berman, who is leading the case.


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Mary vaubel
03.08.2023 um 18:06
Why no recall for my oil drinking sonata sport2016 low mileage????
Manuel A De La Cruz
05.08.2023 um 19:43
What type of oil are you using
04.08.2023 um 16:15
My sonata had a recall. The engine burned oil and they replaced my engine atc170k. Though the warranty was up to 120k. (I had to pat the labor)Check with a local hyundai service person for information. If you tell them you are losing oil a good tech should know what's going on. Most likely the piston ring issue. My sonata not has 344k
Tyrenia King
07.08.2023 um 19:16
My vehicle is in the shop right now!!! For my oil keeps coming up empty after a few days.
Elizabeth K Fauth
07.08.2023 um 02:52
My 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe sport received an engine replacement last year 2022 in July at 113k miles do to valve seal issues cause excessive oil burn.. now as of July this year I have to have another engine replacement because it's having a catastrophic failure... It's got 120k miles on it now. I think this is ridiculous. We bought it in may 2022 and it's had up have 2 engine replacements in a year and just over 8k miles driven since the initial purchase of the vehicle.
Daniel Carlisi
04.08.2023 um 19:24
Did they wait until it died?
04.08.2023 um 02:13
yea i want to sue them also when i can procesed for this case
Christine Loss
05.08.2023 um 01:16
I'd just like Hyundai to come up with a fix for this so it won't take 6 hrs to charge the car!!!
Dan Carl
04.08.2023 um 19:24
5 times in shop for same issue. Accusative 90 days out of service. Same part replaced 3-4 times and a new motor and still the same issue. Already in process for lemon law, car replacement and such with lawyer.
Samuel Branham
05.08.2023 um 04:29
My 2001 does another limited front and rear light. Howls and keep burning out? What should I do
05.08.2023 um 16:35
When I took my Veloster in to the dealership for the recall they said everything was fine "I didn't qualify", took it to another place for a second opinion since I had to add oil every day after first inspection they said it was fine too next thing I know I'm driving down the interstate and boom, my car is completely out of commission.
Ruby Reid
06.08.2023 um 04:08
All the Hyundai Sonatas paint are peeling off on top over windshields I will never purchase from Hyundai again ever
April Norris
07.08.2023 um 14:39
No all Hyundai period my Elantra is doing the same
corey thompson
06.08.2023 um 05:44
Wow . Basically these cars will only get about half the advertised milage. Let's say 210 per charge. Now 105 time to charge. !!!
Ntabadde Mable Mpanga
06.08.2023 um 23:21
My Hyundai sonata hybrid has a check oil light which is not going off. I took it 2 times to the dealership its still on. When I drive the car starts dragging. It's a 2017 for Christ seek.
07.08.2023 um 17:10
I have a 2021 sonata and a 2019 Elantra, and apart from the Elantra and miserable S.o.Bs trying to steal it I haven’t had a problem with Hyundai, not even with my base model 2019 sonata.
Malita Carothers
07.08.2023 um 22:43
My 2015 Hyundai needs so much work. I don’t no where to begin. What I do know .. I will never purchase one again.
Omar H Shareef
08.08.2023 um 02:34
My 2017 Tuscon has been a in the shop since June 28th. The whole service department is backed up, they have seemingly more cars there for repair than there is to sale. It's a mess. My Tuscon burns oil at an alarming rate, I've had a flex pipe changed, catalytic converter changed, manifold changed, and the early diagnosis was that it's the same parts they replaced already. I told them to keep this car until it's fixed. All 3 of those parts were changed in late February and you telling me it needs the same parts a few months later? Address the engine, address the consumption of oil, address the fact that It hesitates, sputters, can't go over 70 at times. It took nearly a month to get a loaner vehicle. This after not getting but only one phone call in that 3 1/2 week span for any updates. I left countless messages and no one would call back for weeks. I had to show up every other day just to get a loaner vehicle. Now have had loaner for 3 weeks and still no answer. It's Mid August soon. Will be two months in the shop in a few weeks. No answers from Hyundai. These guys are losing money by the boatload. Car sales can not be good right now.
Sean Yakemovicz
08.08.2023 um 06:08
2019 oil loss they replaced the engine completely. Haven’t had a problem since. Did not have any problem with Hyundai with the replacement nothing but professional. Very happy how they step up and recognized the defect in the engine. Top notch service.
Susan G
08.08.2023 um 17:03
My 2019 Hyundai Tucson keeps losing 5 quarts of oil before the 3,000 mile oil change recommended. The oil cap has a burn mark on it. I'm being charged $70 for oil changes and $650 for oil decompression Hyundai will not cover the charges nor will the dealership in Holyoke Mass.

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