CA: Transit agency CalVan orders over 400 Ford E-Transit vans

Model 1 Commercial Vehicles, a primary bus and transport services dealer in the US, has scored a deal with the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans). Model 1 called the contract “unprecedented” and is set to deliver 403 new Ford E-Transit vans.

CalVans is a public transit agency that offers a unique vanpool program. It connects residents in areas with low population density with employment centres, which is critical to the farming community and its workers.

These farm hands will ride in 9- 12 person vans upfitted by Forest River Busto to make room for passenger bags and tools.

Generally, the Ford E-Transit has soon become one of the world’s most popular electric van models. The transporter essentially builds on the success of its ICE brother. You can read how the EV version measures up in our extensive review here.

As for the new Ford E-Transit vans from Model 1, these will help CalVans modernise its fleet of nearly 1,000 vehicles, many of which are reaching the end of life. Moreover, CalVans says it struggled to find parts to maintain old gas-fueled models. Model 1, on the other hand, says it was “poised to meet CalVans’ timing and deliver an entire fleet of Ford E-Transit vans” since the company had started investing in EV technology and infrastructure. For CalVans, it is the first move into zero-emission technology.

“CalVans could not be more excited to lead the way in electric mobility,” said Steve McShane, Board Chair. “This single move will grow our fleet by more than 40 per cent and save millions in miles not travelled in the next year – greenhouse gas- and gas-free.”

Tony Matijevich, President of Model 1, added his hope that the move by CalVans “emboldens other agencies and organisations to make the commitment to EV units.” He said the company had stock.

California reportedly greenlighted the sales ban of new trucks with combustion engines from 2036. This is provided for in the “Advanced Clean Fleets” regulation passed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in May 2023.


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