Tesla Giga Train launches but is a little off track

Tesla employees may now take the train to get to Giga Berlin. The EV maker launched a dedicated shuttle between the German factory and the Erkner railway station. It is not exclusive to Tesla staff but comes with a general catch.

The Tesla train is not electric but runs on diesel so those having hoped for a Hyperloop or at least an electric lok will be disappointed.

On the plus side, Tesla is the first company to offer employees almost exclusive access by rail and the Giga Train is efficient in so far as it can carry 400 people at once.

The Tesla stop also comes with a solar canopy and Tesla had hired a DJ to accompany the launch.

The mood boost would not disperse diesel plume hanging over the whole story which seemed to thicken when Tesla fans revealed the train to be from Bombardier on social media. Ironically, the Bombardier Talent runs a diesel engine to generate the driving current. What is more, Bombardier is no stranger to electric trains and is reportedly working on conversions as well.

In Tesla’s (weak) defence, the EV company doesn’t own the train but has bought the tracks from Deutsche Bahn. The service is operated by NEB (Die Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn).

When introducing the plans in 2022, Tesla said the train would commute every 40 minutes from Monday to Friday bringing over 1,500 people directly to the facility at each change of shift.

Taking the train is free for employees and citizens between the Fangschleuse station in Erkner and the factory in Grünheide. Erkner, a town outside Berlin, is part of the city’s public transport network, those based in Berlin may take the S-Bahn to get there before jumping on the Tesla shuttle. The new Tesla train stops south of the factory premises.

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