Rimac to use Eve Energy cells in battery packs

The Croatian electric sports car maker Rimac and Chinese battery cell manufacturer Eve Energy are joining forces for the production of large cylindrical cell batteries in Europe.

Eve Energy’s battery cells with a diameter of 46 millimetres and various lengths will be used by Rimac in its previously-announced new battery platform. Production of the Eve cells for Rimac is scheduled to start in 2027 – presumably in the Chinese battery manufacturer’s first European factory in Debrecen, Hungary. Rimac then plans to mass-produce its battery platform based on the cells and says it has already received a number of nominations for large-volume projects with major European OEMs that will use the platform.

“EVE Energy is one of the largest primary lithium battery manufacturers worldwide and brings a lot of experience in battery cell technology to this partnership,” commented Mate Rimac, Founder & CEO of the company of the same name. “Its dedication to advancing lithium battery solutions aligns perfectly with our vision of transforming the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors. We’re thrilled to announce this collaboration that secures a long-term reliable partner for our 46XX platform.”

“By combining our strengths, we can create batteries that meet the highest performance and efficiency standards,” added Jincheng Liu, Founder & Chairman of Eve Energy.

Rimac calls Eve Energy the “pioneer of the cylindrical cell format 46xx”. Both sides officially sealed the partnership at the IAA Mobility in Munich. It remains open, however, where the cooperation goes beyond a client-contractor relationship (there is talk of an alliance for battery production). In the aforementioned announcement, the division of labour is described as follows: “Eve will focus on the production of cells, while Rimac Technology will concentrate on the development and large-scale production of a battery module and pack platform using the cells”. There is no explicit mention of joint development, nor of possible rights to the final product on the part of Eve Energy.

Rimac’s battery platform is expected to score with “class-leading energy density, customisable cell-to-pack solutions and an advanced battery management system” when it launches. Specifically, the new development is a structural battery pack that is a load-bearing component in the car’s body. With this, Rimac wants to be able to build lighter batteries.

The Rimac Group is the majority shareholder of Bugatti Rimac and the sole shareholder of Rimac Technology. The group, which has around 2,000 employees, builds hypercars itself, but also develops electrification, autonomous driving and software solutions for third parties. The company is based on the outskirts of Zagreb and has several branches in Europe. Later this year, the Rimac Group will move into its headquarters in a new 200,000 square metre campus that will provide space for more than 2,500 employees.



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