DCS & Volvo announce charging cooperation

Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) is cooperating with Volvo Cars. Through this partnership, Volvo Cars customers will have access to over 590,000 charging points in Europe. The joint offer is scheduled to be launched in mid-November.

Through the cooperation, users of an all-electric Volvo model will have access to the charging points that DCS manages in its roaming network. The charging process works via the Volvo Cars app and a white-label solution from DCS – a corresponding RFID card will also be available. Billing via Plug&Charge with automatic authentication will also be offered if the vehicle supports it – this is the case with the EX90.

Customers can also control the charging process remotely via the Volvo app, according to the statement. There will also be “clear and up-to-date price information” in the app and the car’s navigation system. In the DCS roaming network, there are no uniform kWh prices, these can vary depending on the operator of the respective charging point – but this will also be displayed in the vehicle’s navi. In addition, “d subscription offers for public charging that allow customers to take advantage of preferential prices at high-performance charging stations” are announced.

The cooperation starts on 16 November in Italy and Switzerland and will be gradually extended to 30 markets by the end of November. In Germany it will be at the end of November. The offer is not only valid in combination with the new EX30 and EX90, but also for existing customers of the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and C40 Recharge Pure Electric. Volvo Cars had previously handled its charging offer through a cooperation with Plugsurfing.

“Our focus remains on our customers and their needs when driving an all-electric Volvo product,” says Julia Sandén, Business Owner for Charging at Volvo Cars. “Being able to access even more public charging stations than before through a single app allows our customers to take longer trips with ease thanks to these new, accessible improvements.”

Markus Bartenschlager, CCO at Digital Charging Solutions, added: “We are very excited about our new partnership with such a strong OEM and established brand as Volvo Cars, which is pursuing the transition towards 100 per cent electrification. By the end of the year, Volvo customers across Europe will benefit from our ever-expanding public charging network of over 590,000 charging points.”

Source: Info via emailvolvocars.com (in German)

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about „DCS & Volvo announce charging cooperation“
04.12.2023 um 16:15
I have a 2023 Volvo and DCS will charge me a standing charge after 6 months of signing up of £14.99 per month. The best you can get is a 12 month deferral for a 2024 Volvo. So if I don't use a charger then I still pay for the privilege. Given that I mostly charge at home this is ridiculous for me. Fortunately you can still sign up to the old provider (plugsurfing) which is a simple fee per KwH paid when you are charging but you now need to download their own app.

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