UK funds green freight projects with £200 million

Four flagship projects will receive funding to help the logistics sectors move their fleets towards zero-emission. These projects will help get battery-electric and fuel cell trucks on the road and set up the necessary infrastructure.

Image: Department for Transport (DfT)

The UK government announced 200 million pounds in funding to the transport industry to decarbonise their heavy goods vehicles, so-called HGVs. The money will get 370 zero-emission trucks on the road and set up 57 refuelling and charging sites.

A total of four projects have been selected. However, it is not clear who will receive how much.

One of the projects comes from charge point operator Gridserve, which is partnering with Volvo Trucks and DAF to deliver 140 electric trucks and set up 220 dedicated chargers. The Project Zero Emission North Freight is looking to deliver 70 battery-electric and 30 hydrogen-powered HGVs to Eddis Stobard and Royal Mail, among others.

CPO Voltempo is also working with truck manufacturers. Together with Renault Trucks, Scania, and DAF it will provide fleets with a total of 100 battery-electric trucks. Fleet operators include Marks and Spencer and Mercedes Distribution.

Hydrogen producer Protium will also receive a slice of the cake. It will get “around 39 hydrogen fuel cell HGVs” on the road and set up one fixed and two mobile H2 refuelling stations.

“Freight and logistics are the beating heart of our economy and it is only right that we celebrate the sector so that it gets the recognition and support it deserves,” says Roads Minister Richard Holden. “From boosting zero-emission tech across freight to attracting the future generation of talent to the industry, we are working hard to drive innovation, create jobs and grow the economy by building a brighter, more innovative future for one of our most crucial industries.”

According to the government website, “an additional £2.4 million has also been unlocked through the second round of the Freight Innovation Fund (FIF)” to help up to ten small and medium businesses to make the transportation of goods “greener, more efficient and more resilient.” Applications for the funds can be handed in as of today.,


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