Lancia’s electric flagship will be a fastback saloon

Lancia has given more details about its electric flagship planned for 2026. It will be a nearly 4.70-metre-long fastback that will use the Stellantis STLA Medium platform and offer a range of more than 700 kilometres. So far, there is only one hint about the model's name.

Image: Lancia

Even before listing the technical features of the model, Lancia emphasises the Italian origin of the vehicle in its announcement – it was designed and developed in Italy and will also be manufactured there. Production is planned at the Stellantis plant in Melfi, Italy.

The vehicle is to be “almost 4.70 metres” long, and an “elegant and innovative fastback” has been chosen as the body shape, “which will cover the largest market segment”, Lancia says. It will not be a flagship SUV, nor will it be a classic fastback saloon. The concept allows for several interpretations – from a very flat, flowing rear end with a flat boot to a design that is more focused on utility. Lancia had given hints about the look with a very abstract concept about a year ago. The Pu+Ra HPE concept car presented in April also shows Lancia’s new design direction but is intended as a basis for the upcoming Lancia Ypsilon.

What is clear is that the model will be based on the STLA Medium platform. The only other information given by Lancia in the current announcement is that its own flagship will offer a range of more than 700 kilometres. Stellantis had also mentioned exactly 700 kilometres in July when the platform was presented in more detail.

For cost reasons, the STLA Medium is designed for 400 volts; an 800-volt version is only available for the STLA Large and the STLA Frame with a ladder frame for US pickups and vans. The batteries will offer a usable energy of up to 98 kWh and the WLTP range of up to 700 kilometres with the performance package. The so-called standard package should allow a range of more than 500 kilometres. There will be front-wheel and all-wheel drives with an output of between 160 and 285 kW. Consumption of less than 14 kWh/100km should be possible, depending on the body style and equipment. Fast charging from 20 to 80 per cent should take 27 minutes with the 400-volt system (i.e. a maximum of 200 kW at peak).

Lancia does not name the model in its official announcement, but the portal Carscoops reports, citing an earlier statement by Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano, that the electric flagship will be called Gamma. In the statement, Napolitano does not mention the model name and only makes more general comments: “The new Lancia flagship will be a stunning and elegant Italian car, beautiful on the outside and on the inside, where you will really feel like being in the living room of an Italian home.”

For 2024, meanwhile, Lancia confirms the new Ypsilon, which will be offered with both electric and hybrid powertrains. A pure electric successor to the Delta is planned for 2028 as Lancia’s third electrified model. As reported, Lancia’s strategy is that from 2026, all new models will be pure BEVs. From 2028, the brand aims to sell 100 per cent electric cars.,


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