Ford & Quantron to jointly develop hydrogen vehicles

Ford and Quantron have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop hydrogen-based vehicles. Primarily, the two will focus on the development of heavy-duty hydrogen trucks.

Image: Quantron

Quantron and Ford Trucks have signed a memorandum of understanding to integrate Quantron’s technology into Ford Trucks vehicles. Specifically, the plan is to accelerate the market introduction of H2 fuel cell trucks based on the Ford F-Max by integrating Quantron’s E-axle, battery, fuel cell and fueling system, and energy management. As part of the first phase of the collaboration with Ford Trucks, Quantron will ensure seamless adaptation of Ford’s trucks to be built in compliance with the new safety regulations from the first quarter of 2024 onwards.

“Our partners want to accelerate their development of Fuel Cell powered trucks while focusing their own resources on other areas,” said Rene Wollmann, CTO of Quantron. “We are benchmarking the FCEV light vehicle segment up to 7,5t, and in the FCEV heavy-duty segment up to 44t whereas we deliver our uncompromising and unique Quantron Inside technology & components. Our close technical collaboration will contribute to further accelerating the widespread market introduction of fuel cell-electric commercial vehicles.”

A few months ago, Ford also announced plans to develop a heavy fuel cell truck prototype as part of an EU project. This vehicle is planned to be ready in 2025, and Ballard will supply the necessary fuel cells for the truck. Projects such as these will be vital to achieving Ford’s target of going emissions-free in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040.


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