The Opel Crossland and Grandland will get an electric motor in 2024

The vehicles' successors will also launch as electric SUVs in 2024, the Stellantis brand now officially confirms. However, it is unclear which platform the new Crossland will use - and where it will roll off the production line.

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Opel announced an all-electric successor to the Crossland in March 2022 – but it was still being determined when it would launch. That has now been confirmed, and the electric version will hit the road in 2024. It was not announced which platform the electric Crossland successor will use and where it will be built.

The Crossland (then known as the Crossland X) was one of the first joint projects between Opel and PSA – even before the takeover by the French company. The Crossland, which has been available since 2017, uses the CMP.

There are two options for the electric successor: The Crossland Electric could use the improved, second generation of the e-CMP, i.e. the familiar drive with 115 kW of power and the 54 kWh battery. However, Opel already has a small electric SUV with this drive technology in the form of the Mokka Electric. The recently presented CMP Smart Car would thus also be conceivable – the Crossland could then be positioned as an inexpensive and practical alternative with LFP batteries. A larger version of the 4.01 metre-long ë-C3 and offshoots from other brands have already been announced – it may also be the successor to the 4.22 metre-long Opel Crossland.

Opel Grandland Electric could be build in Eisenach

That is only speculation and has not been confirmed by Opel, but it fits in with Stellantis’ previously communicated production plans. Production of the upcoming electric platform SLTA Small is reportedly not scheduled to start until 2025 at the Stellantis plants in Vigo and Zaragoza, Spain. However, the Crossland Electric is expected to launch as early as 2024, making the e-CMP or CMP Small Car more likely.

It was already known that the Opel Grandland will get an all-electric successor next year. It will be based on the new electric platform STLA Medium and is scheduled to go into production at the German plant in Eisenach in the second half of 2024. The 400-volt platform can accommodate batteries of up to 98 kWh.

The battery-electric successors to the Crossland and Grandland will close the last gaps in Opel’s electric portfolio next year: by the end of 2024, there will be an all-electric model in every series of the brand.

“2024 will not only mark an important company anniversary. We are also impressively showing how successfully Opel is mastering the transformation in the automotive industry,” says Opel CEO Florian Huettl. “We are completing our electrified range with the purely electric successors to the Crossland and Grandland. Our goal is affordable, CO2-neutral mobility.”

Opel plans to sell only electric cars from 2028. The successor to the Insignia mid-size saloon (from the Italian plant in Melfi) and an electric reinterpretation of the cult model Manta have been confirmed as further BEV models.


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