Danish cab operator Dantaxi has over 600 BEVS in its fleet

The Danish cab company Dantaxi has increased the number of electric cars in its fleet by around 200 to 610. By the end of the year, the electric taxis are expected to have covered more than 50 million kilometers on Danish roads.

Image: Dantaxi

At the turn of the year, the cab company still had 412 e-cars in its fleet. This number was increased to the aforementioned 610 over the course of this year, which corresponds to an increase of 48% in just under a year.

The more than 600 e-taxis are spread across a total of 16 different car brands, two more than a year ago. Citroën and MG Motor are new additions. After VW was the brand with the most electric cabs at Dantaxi last year, followed by Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, Mercedes-Benz is now in first place, while Volkswagen and Tesla have fallen back to second and third place. They are followed by Hyundai, Skoda and Kia. Manufacturers such as Citroën, MG Motor and BMW fall under “Other brands” in the statistics. However, there is no precise breakdown by model.

Jan Britze, one of Dantaxi’s drivers, has opted for a Mercedes. In his opinion, cab drivers value a reliable workshop service when choosing their vehicle and rely on the importer’s knowledge of the industry. Britze was one of the first to drive an electric cab in Denmark ten years ago. Denmark’s first electric cab was also delivered to Dantaxi ten years ago.

The Danish cab company’s fleet has since grown to 610 electric vehicles. However, it will be some time before the fleet is fully electric. The fleet currently comprises a total of 1,900 vehicles, which means that with the 610 vehicles, the proportion of electric vehicles is currently around 32 per cent.

By the way: In May 2021, Dantaxi and E.ON jointly put a large charging station for electric taxis into operation in Copenhagen, which will supply up to 400 e-taxis with electricity per day.



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