Hylane adds 32 Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell to fleet

The German hydrogen truck rental company Hylane is procuring 32 additional Xcient Fuel Cells from the manufacturer Hyundai. The first units are to go to rental customers immediately after delivery in early 2024.

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At the beginning of November, Hylane announced the purchase of a total of 78 H2 trucks, 26 of which come from Iveco. Together with the 32 new vehicles from Hyundai, the manufacturers of 58 of the 78 hydrogen trucks are now known. Hylane is not revealing from whom the remaining 20 vehicles will be purchased. Hyzon is also known to be another vehicle partner of Hylane. At the launch in April 2022, Hylane also named “Daimler Truck in cooperation with Clean Logistics Technology and MAN Truck & Bus or a conversion solution from Framo eTrucks with fuel cells from Robert Bosch GmbH” as possible vehicle suppliers.

All vehicles will be subsidized by the German government via the KsNI funding. According to Hylane, the funds will be used “entirely to reduce the rental rates for the vehicles on offer and thus offer competitive prices”. The company relies on a so-called pay-per-use model, in which customers only pay for the kilometres they actually drive.

By relying on Hyundai vehicles, the Cologne-based truck rental company knows where it stands: Hyundai has been a partner from the very beginning. “The team put the first H2 truck – a Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell – on German roads in November 2022. This vehicle and other trucks from the Korean manufacturer have impressed Hylane and its customers with their stable practical use.” Until now, the Hyundai models have been equipped with dry and refrigerated bodies or operated as solo vehicles or in trailer mode. For the first time, the newly ordered trucks will also include vehicles with large swap bodies in order to tap into new customer segments.

“Together with Hyundai, we have been able to help make hydrogen mobility a reality in Germany,” says Sara Schiffer, Managing Director of Hylane: Hyundai trucks have now been in daily use through her company for more than a year. “They have proven to be a convincing option thanks to their reliability and pleasant driving experience. They not only enable our users to make their transportation more environmentally friendly, but also offer them the opportunity to gain valuable experience with this promising technology at an early stage.”

Beat Hirschi, Managing Director of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, adds: “Hyundai was early to market with this technology, but always focused on quality and reliability. (…) Hylane and its customers confirm with this new order (…) that they recognize the importance of hydrogen mobility for the future of heavy transport. This spurs our entire team on to further develop this pioneering technology. One example of this is the new swap body, which once again significantly expands the possible uses of hydrogen trucks.”

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