Giga Fuel Cell truck by Honda and Isuzu enters testing

Honda and Isuzu have started testing their fuel cell truck on public roads in Japan. The jointly developed ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ will go through its paces through September 2024. The schedule is in line with earlier announcements.

Image: Honda

Honda and Isuzu presented the 25-ton fuel cell truck in October 2023, promising a range of over 800 miles. The power is contained in four fuel cell stacks from Honda with 103 kW each and a hydrogen storage capacity of 56 kilograms.

With this, the H2 truck can double as a mobile power station, an essential feature in disaster-prone Japan. It “is equipped with an external power output function,” said Honda. The two ports (CHAdeMO connectors) can supply up to 530 kWh.

Announcing the start of testing today, the two companies expect to continue collecting data, amassing knowledge and identifying technical issues in preparation for the 2027 market introduction. The prototype used for testing is the same type as exhibited at the Japan Mobility Show in 2023.

While test runs happen on public roads of Tochigi, Saitama, Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures, the data remains internal mainly; Isuzu’s and Honda’s own logistics companies will run one vehicle between them and also test refuelling.

Both companies today also reiterated their belief that fuel cell technology is effective in achieving carbon neutrality in heavy-duty trucks.

Honda and Isuzu Motors had agreed to conduct joint research on fuel-cell-powered heavy-duty trucks in early 2020In May last year, they announced that they plan to launch a hydrogen-powered truck.

Honda published its future strategy for the use of fuel cells for its own use and marketing in February 2023. At the time, the manufacturer decided to split its efforts into four core domains for the utilisation of its FC system: fuel cell vehicles, commercial vehicles, stationary power stations and construction machinery.

Isuzu is also following other partnerships in the area of fuel cell trucks, for example, light commercial trucks with Hino and Toyota.


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