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Jul 20, 2022 - 02:25 pm

Japanese manufacturer partnership to take on light commercial trucks

Isuzu, Toyota, Hino, and the Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation have announced they would jointly plan and develop light-duty fuel cell electric trucks for the mass market. The vehicles are to be introduced from January 2023 and used by the partners at distribution sites in Fukushima and Tokyo.

Feb 28, 2022 - 10:54 am

Toyota, Hino & Isuzu announce electric bus for 2024

The Japanese manufacturers Toyota, Hino and Isuzu want to drive forward the electrification of buses as part of their joint venture concluded last year. The partners have announced the production of a battery-electric low-floor bus for 2024. A fuel cell offshoot is also to be developed.



Nov 17, 2021 - 05:40 pm

Anadolu Isuzu orders battery systems from Proterra

Proterra has received an order for its battery systems from the Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer Anadolu Isuzu. The latter wants to integrate Proterra’s batteries into its new 12-metre and 18-metre Citi Volt electric bus models.



Jan 15, 2020 - 03:55 pm

Isuzu & Honda to develop heavy FC truck

Honda and Isuzu Motors signed an agreement for joint research into heavy-duty trucks with fuel cells. The cooperation is, however, only scheduled for two years for the time being, concrete series models have not been announced.

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