Ionity lowers prices for charging subscription

Ionity has reduced the subscription price for its Passport customers in all 24 countries of the charging network with immediate effect. The monthly basic fee is now just €5.99 instead of the previous €11.99. In some countries, the charging current will also be cheaper.

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The other conditions of the Passport subscription will not change this time. The monthly subscription at the charging station will therefore continue to offer a discount of 20 cents per kilowatt hour on the respective ‘Ionity Direct’ tariff without a contract. In Germany, Passport subscribers therefore currently pay 49 cents per kWh. The ad hoc price has been 69 cents per kilowatt-hour since mid-August, before that it was €0.79/kWh for a long time.

The lower monthly fee applies to new customers from the moment they sign the contract. For existing customers, the new basic fee will apply from the next monthly bill, as Ionity has announced.

Based on an average consumption of 20 kWh/100 km, the subscription should already be worthwhile for a distance of 150 kilometres: If you recharge the 30 kWh consumed at an Ionity station, you would have already saved six euros on the ‘Ionity Direct’ price at a discount of 20 cents per kilowatt-hour – and thus the monthly fee. From the 31st kilowatt-hour onwards, you would therefore be travelling more cheaply, but only at Ionity stations.

Ionity fundamentally revised the Passport subscription in June 2023. Until then, the monthly fee was a hefty €17.99, but the subscription allowed customers to significantly reduce their charging costs – to 35 cents per kilowatt-hour. With the change of offer, the monthly fee fell to 11.99 euros at the time, but there was only a 20-cent discount on the applicable ad hoc price. The Ionity Passport can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice – and should therefore also pay off for individual months with long journeys, such as for holidays.

“We want to make e-mobility accessible to everyone. That’s why we are lowering the subscription price for our Passport customers in all 24 countries in our charging network with immediate effect,” writes Ionity itself in a short LinkedIn post.

Ionity is also lowering the price per kilowatt-hour in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Austria. The charging prices per country can be viewed on the Ionity website and in the Ionity app., (announcement as PDF), (product page)


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