Ionity lowers prices in three European nations

Ionity is lowering its charging prices in Germany, France and Norway. With immediate effect, the price for spontaneous charging will drop by ten cents per kilowatt hour in Germany and France and by 1.14 NOK/kWh in Norway.

In Germany, Ionity customers on the ‘Ionity Direct’ tariff without a contract now pay 69 cents per kilowatt hour instead of 79 cents previously. Subscribers to the ‘Ionity Passport’ can now charge for 49 cents/kWh in Germany (previously: 59 cents). Around 60 per cent of all Ionity HPC charging stations are located in the three countries mentioned above.

According to the statement, Ionity “continues to focus on the greatest possible price stability, while increasingly taking into account regional market differences with regard to electromobility”. At Ionity, the ad-hoc prices were indeed stable, albeit at a high level: Ionity had introduced the 79 cents per kWh valid to date in January 2020 – after two years of flat rates of eight euros per charging process as a kind of entry-level offer.

At that time, the high charging prices of €0.79/kWh also quickly had an impact on the entire market: EnBW had temporarily removed Ionity charging points completely from its “mobility+” offer, but later reintroduced them – albeit not at the usual EnBW prices, but at those €0.79/kWh. Other providers have also often created a price category in their tariff structure that differs from the other DC charging points for charging at Ionity pillars.

The first charging operators have also already reacted to the price reduction: Plugsurfing has also reduced the Ionity tariff by ten cents per kilowatt hour, although at 0.72€/kWh it remains three cents more expensive than Ionity itself. The VW charging subsidiary Elle has also directly passed on Ionity’s price reduction to its customers. In the Elli tariffs ‘Drive Free’ and ‘Drive City’, the kilowatt-hour in Germany now costs 0.69€/kWh, and the lowered price is also charged in France and Norway. The rate adjustment at Elli also applies to the charging services of the group brands VW, VWN, Audi, Skoda and Seat/Cupra. EnBW has not yet adjusted its Ionity conditions at the time of publication of this article.

Germany, France and Norway are Ionity’s most important markets: around 60 per cent of all the operator’s HPC charging stations are located in the three countries mentioned. In total, Ionity says it currently has more than 500 charging parks with over 2,500 charging stations in 24 European countries. (PDF), Info via email (Elli and Plugsurfing)


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