Nikola opens first HYLA brand refuelling station in California

Nikola's first HYLA hydrogen refuelling station is up and running in the city of Ontario in the US state of California. The station can refuel up to eight Nikola H2 trucks per day.

Image: Nikola Motor

“We are thrilled to open the first HYLA hydrogen refuelling station in Southern Calif., marking a significant milestone for Nikola and offering convenient access for our customers,” said President of Energy Ole Hoefelmann. “Easing the transition to a zero-emission trucking future and prioritizing access to a hydrogen solution network is our top objective and we’re just getting started.

HYLA is Nikola Motor’s new brand for its energy products and is charged with producing, distributing, and dispensing hydrogen to fuel its zero-emissions trucks. Other fuel cell Class 8 trucks can also use the refuelling stations.

The station is the first of 60 planned hydrogen refuelling stations in the US in the coming years. The first nine are said to open before the end of the second quarter of 2024. The remaining sites will be completed by 2026. Nikola previously announced that the second and third sites will also be located around the Los Angeles area, namely in Colton and the Port of Long Beach.

“Once the nine planned solutions are in place by mid-2024, Nikola will have established one of the world’s largest heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling networks, providing customers accessibility at their current locations and along their planned routes,” says Hoefelmann.

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about „Nikola opens first HYLA brand refuelling station in California“
09.02.2024 um 23:16
i would bet non-zero money that one of these 9 will explode one day. 5 years or so, nikola's will be the h2 station that blows up randomly.

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