Stellantis to build electric vans in Luton in future

Stellantis has announced that it will start producing medium-sized electric vans at its plant in Luton, UK, in the first half of 2025. However, the British market will primarily be served from there.

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The plant in Luton will produce the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro Electric, Peugeot E-Expert, Citroën ë-Dispatch (ë-Jumpy in other markets) and Fiat E-Scudo in both right-hand and left-hand drive versions. Stellantis currently produces the electric versions of these van models at its plant in Hordain, France, while combustion versions of these vehicles have already been manufactured in Luton.

Preparatory work will begin in Luton in the course of the year. However, the Stellantis press release only mentions a “limited production of medium-sized electric vans”, with no specific quantities mentioned. “The plant will manufacture predominantly for the UK Right Hand Drive market but will also be able to export to Left Hand Drive markets,” Stellantis wrote. At the same time, Luton is also to continue the production of “equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) vans”. The majority of electric vans for markets outside the UK will therefore continue to come from Hordain.

Regardless of the proportion of BEVs in production, when production of the medium-sized electric vans starts in Luton, the plant will be the second Stellantis site in the UK to produce electric vehicles after Ellesmere Port. The small electric vans, such as the Opel/Vauxhall Combo Electric, are manufactured in Ellesmere Port.

As reported, Stellantis also utilises the plant in Gliwice, Poland, in addition to Hordain, for the production of medium-sized and large fuel cell vans. The plant in Luton was opened in 1905 and vans have been manufactured there since 1932. The Vauxhall factory was transferred to the PSA Group together with Opel in 2017.

“Whilst this decision demonstrates Stellantis’ confidence in the plant, this first step in the redevelopment towards an all-electric future requires the UK Government to stimulate demand in the electric vehicle market and support manufacturers investing in a sustainable transition in the UK,” said Maria Grazia Davino, Group Managing Director, Stellantis UK.

Managing Director, Stellantis UK.


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