Xos and Winnebago team up to develop specialty electric vehicles

American EV manufacturer Xos has entered into a cooperation agreement with Winnebago, a manufacturer of motorhomes. They will develop a fully electric chassis for Winnebago's Specialty Vehicles division using Xos technology.

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The partners expect the specialized chassis for Winnebago to utilize Xos’ platform technology, which will allow for scalability, access to parts, software improvements, and service support. The chassis is also compatible with Xosphere, Xos’ fleet management software. 

While Winnebago has yet to specify a first definite vehicle, the company lists a few use cases for the new platform. According to them, these can include but are not limited to, mobile child advocacy centres, medical and dental clinics, blood donation vehicles, and mobile command vehicles. 

While this may seem far off, Winnebago released the first zero-emission vehicle, which doubled as a blood bank in 2018, with Motiv Power Systems. In 2022, the company showed the e-RV Concept. The EV motorhome was based on the Ford Transit but with a drive from Lightning eMotors. 

“The near-term demand for zero-emission vehicle options from our Specialty Vehicle division continues to grow,” Robert Kim, director for Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division, said when commenting on the current partnership. He added that he expected the Xos chassis to integrate seamlessly into the manufacturing processes.

The platform will underpin Winnebago’s zero-emissions commercial vehicle shells, available in lengths of 33′ and 38′. The estimated range is up to 200 miles.

“We are thrilled to partner with Winnebago to move the industry forward,” said Dakota Semler, CEO and Co-Founder of Xos, Inc. “This is a testament to the quality and reliability of our products, and to the customer-centered design approach of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicle team.”

Xos, active as Thor Trucks until 2019, is a Californian manufacturer of electric utility vehicles that presented the prototype of an electric truck in 2017 and was commissioned by UPS to develop an electric delivery truck in August 2018. In 2021, FedEx ordered 120 electric trucks from Xos. The company also provides fleet services and software solutions besides manufacturing Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric commercial vehicles.

In January 2024, Xos agreed to merge with Canadian manufacturer ElectraMeccanica to increase its sales of electric vehicles, especially zero-emission medium-duty electric trucks. 

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