Samsung SDI to start mass production of solid-state batteries in 2027

Samsung SDI aims to achieve an energy density of 900 Wh/L with its solid-state batteries and believes it is on course to start mass production in 2027. So far, the company has avoided making such a statement on series production readiness.

Image: Samsung SDI

This is what the South Korean battery manufacturer writes in a press release for InterBattery 2024, which begins on 6 March in Seoul. The company explicitly refers to an “all solid-state battery”, so it is not referring to battery cells with semi-solid electrolyte, which are sometimes also called solid-state batteries. Although Samsung SDI started its pilot production for solid-state cells a year ago, it had not announced a timetable for mass production. With 2027, there is now a concrete statement for the first time.

However, in the announcement for InterBattery 2024, Samsung SDI only mentions the volumetric energy density of 900 watt hours per litre, but no gravimetric energy density, which relates the weight to the energy content. The statement that the energy density of the solid-state cell is 40 per cent higher than that of Samsung SDI’s prismatic cells currently in production also does not specify whether this value relates to weight or volume. What is clear, however, is that a higher energy density can either lead to a longer range or to smaller and cheaper batteries with the same range. In addition, solid-state cells are significantly safer, as there is no highly flammable liquid electrolyte.

However, the South Korean company states confidently: “The Samsung battery arm plans to implement the industry-top level energy density in its ASB product by leveraging the company’s proprietary solid electrolyte and anode-less technologies, the latter of which enables higher cathode capacity.”

The aforementioned pilot plant at the Suwon Research Centre is currently delivering prototype cells. “Samsung SDI’ roadmap will demonstrate that every aspect of its plan for mass-producing all solid-state battery in 2027 is well on track, from development, production line, project launch to supply chain management,” the company wrote.

In addition to a roadmap to achieve mass production readiness for solid-state batteries, Samsung SDI will showcase a range of battery technologies at the show, including faster charging and ultra-long-life batteries. For example, a charging time of just nine minutes is announced for charging from eight to 80 per cent, but the technology behind this is not expected to be ready for series production until 2026. The batteries with a service life of 20 years are not due to make their debut until 2029.


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