Milence announces first truck charging park in France

The Milence electric truck charging joint venture between Daimler Truck, the Traton Group, and the Volvo Group will open its first charge park south of Rouen. The location should be operational in April.

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As a first step, the hub will be equipped with four high-performance Combined Charging Systems (CCS) chargers, providing up to 400 kW of charging power each. According to Milence, additional chargers – including its first Megawatt Charging System (MSC) chargers – will be added during a second phase. However, the company does not provide any additional information or schedule.

To be more specific, the charge park will be in Heudebouville, four minutes from the A13 motorway. It is located about halfway between Paris and Le Havre. The latter is a key logistic hub in the Normandy Region.

The site is open to electric trucks from all brands. Moreover, Milence says that “there will be additional facilities for drivers to rest, like toilets, showers, and a restaurant” on site. The latter will not be managed by Milence.

“We see the growing need in the market for a reliable charging network for electric heavy-duty vehicles in Europe,” says Milence CEO Anja van Niersen. “With the charging hub in Rouen and our future roadmap, our plan to establish high-performance green corridors open to all vehicles is taking more shape.”

Milence opened its first location in Venlo on the Dutch border with Germany at the end of last year. The location features four charge points for electric trucks, supplied by two HPC columns with up to 400 kW of power. Four more charging stations will be added in the first quarter of 2024. The Port of Antwerp-Bruges also commissioned the company to build two heavy-duty charging hubs. By spring, the port expects to offer 30 truck charging points and is already considering an expansion.

Milence – or officially Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe BV – plans to set up a European fast-charging network for heavy commercial vehicles such as long-haul trucks and coaches on behalf of its shareholders Daimler Truck, Traton and the Volvo Group. The goal is to install 1,700 such charging points within five years – i.e. by the end of 2027.


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