CMA CGM joins EV transporter JV Flexis

Logistics company CMA CGM is now officially the third partner in the joint venture Flexis, recently established by Renault and the Volvo Group for new electric vans. CMA CGM remains the smallest shareholder with a ten per cent stake.

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Following CMA CGM’s investment, the Renault Group and Volvo Group each hold 45 per cent of the shares and plan to invest 300 million euros each in Flexis over the next three years. It will provide the joint venture with 720 million euros until the planned market launch of its first model in 2026.

CMA CGM’s involvement and 120 million euro investment by 2026 were already clear. When the then-still-nameless joint venture between Renault and the Volvo Group was first announced in October 2023, the French logistics company expressed its interest in joining as a third partner. And when Flexis was officially founded this March – still with two parent companies – there was talk of CMA CGM joining the venture with the 120 million euros “at a later date.” It now took less than two weeks for the investment to be finalised – officially via Pulse, an energy fund of CMA CGM.

As Renault announced this week, the Flexis electric vans will be built in 2026 at the Sandouville plant in Normandy, where the Renault Trafic and its electric version are already assembled. However, the Flexis vans will be based on a new skateboard platform that will be the first 800-volt solution for vehicles in this segment, according to Renault. In addition, the vehicles will be differentiated from the competition by their connected services. Further details or key data on the drive, battery and range have not yet been revealed. Renault has only stated that there will be different battery sizes so that customers can receive customised solutions for their specific use.

With the Flexis vans, the three companies want to combine their respective strengths. Renault itself cites its expertise in electric vehicles and software as well as the production of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV). The Volvo Group will contribute transport solutions with expertise in customised services, uptime and productivity, while CMA CGM will provide logistics expertise, particularly for the automotive industry and the decarbonisation of supply chains.

All of this will be in response to a growing market and increasing demand. “New expectations for electrified vans are emerging as professional customers are facing increasing pressure from climate change and CO2 regulations, while e-commerce and logistics are booming. The European market for electrified vans is expected to grow by 40% per year until 2030,” says Renault.


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