Isuzu launches electric pickup truck in Europe

Japanese manufacturer Isuzu announced the launch of its first electric car next year, initially in Europe. The D-MAX BEV pickup truck will initially launch in selected countries, such as Norway, in 2025.

Image: Isuzu

Following its premiere in the countries mentioned, the D-MAX BEV will also be offered in the UK, Australia, Thailand and other markets, according to the company. At least the launch in Thailand does not come as a surprise. Isuzu presented a prototype of its electric pickup at the Bangkok International Motor Show (27 March to 7 April). After all, Thailand is one of the largest international markets for pickups with a payload of one tonne.

The Isuzu D-MAX BEV has an all-wheel drive with 130 kW of power (40 kW at the front and 90 kW at the rear) in conjunction with a 66.9 kWh battery – the Japanese company does not go into more detail about its cell chemistry, only mentioning a lithium-ion battery. The maximum torque is a manageable 325 Nm, of which the front electric motor contributes 108 Nm and the one on the rear axle 217 Nm. The prototype shown in Bangkok has a payload of 1,000 kilograms and a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes.

Isuzu emphasises that the pickup was developed “to meet a broad range of commercial and passenger vehicle needs while retaining the tough underlying performance expected of pickup trucks.” The carmaker adds that “the full-time 4WD system with newly developed e-Axles in front and rear offers excellent performance on rough roads and a linear acceleration feel characteristic of BEVs – all while minimising noise and vibration. Furthermore, high towing capacity is ensured by adopting high-power electric motors along with a robust frame and body design, allowing the D-MAX BEV to perform just as well as existing diesel models.”

The carmaker has yet to release a price list for the electric pickup.

The D-MAX BEV is based on the combustion model D-MAX, which is now available in its third generation. Apart from a few blue elements at the front and the closed radiator grille, the electric version is also visually similar to the combustion model. Isuzu has designed the D-MAX as a “world car.” It is sold in over 100 countries.

To date, Isuzu has mainly been active in electric commercial vehicles and offers a battery-electric version of the Elf model, for example. In collaboration with Honda, the company is developing a fuel cell electric truck called the Giga Fuel Cell. Isuzu is also working with partners Toyota and Hinoon on an electric bus, which could launch this year.


about „Isuzu launches electric pickup truck in Europe“
06.04.2024 um 21:46
How much
07.04.2024 um 04:00
Expected range ?
08.04.2024 um 11:47
About 50 miles if you are towing 3.5 tonnes I'd say, if you're lucky. Someone tested the cybertruck towing, the range was 90 miles, and that has a far larger battery.
07.04.2024 um 08:47
I just sold a customized 2018 mitsubishi outlander after 5 years of rugged use. I just was offset by the bluff wheel locker and the 25 mpg. Along with the computer overriding manual functions and battery deterioration just doesn't enlighten my outlook anymore. The front wheel drive mode also can't be manually selected especially while under electric mode. None the less the rear motor had more torque rating yet when towing on gravel hills or snow driving it just spins the front wheels. The dealer could not offer any adjustment nor are there any service manuals available whatsoever. I just got abandoned by toyota for my older tacoma truck service. Now new cars are pushing $100 k so we can toss them soon, can someone offer true long term quality again or is that only something of the past.

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