Milence builds truck charging park near the French-Spanish border

The electric truck charging joint venture Milence announces another location in France. This is being built in Perpignan in the south of the country and is scheduled to go online in September 2024. This will be Milence's second French site after Heudebouville in Normandy.

Image: Milence

According to a company press release, the new site in the south of France will initially be connected to the grid with three CCS chargers that deliver up to 400 kW of power. In a second expansion phase, megawatt chargers are also planned. Milence has used this two-stage approach at all charging hubs opened or announced to date.

The second French site will be built near the A9 motorway, which the joint venture describes as a strategic logistics route linking Spain with France and northern Europe. Specifically, the hub will be “located in the city of Perpignan”. The A9 motorway does indeed crisscross the outskirts of the city. Milence emphasises that Perpignan is only 40 kilometres from the Spanish border and “is located in an important industrial area for the transport of fruit and vegetables in the region and throughout Europe”.

On behalf of its shareholders Daimler Truck, Traton and the Volvo Group, Milence is planning to install 1,700 charging points in Europe within five years. The first charging parks have already been put into operation in Venlo near the Dutch-German border and in Heudebouville, France. The opening of a loading park in the Belgian port of Antwerp-Bruges has also been announced for the near future, as well as charging hubs in Varberg and Ödeshög (both in Sweden). A location in Ghent, Belgium, has not yet been finally confirmed, but has already been announced. By 2027, the joint venture’s charging network is expected to span 15 nations.


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