Hyundai to launch the world’s first hydrogen supercar in 2026

The radical Hyundai N Vision 74 concept will evolve into the world's first road-legal hydrogen supercar and serve as a halo car for the South Korean brand. It will likely compete with the next-generation Tesla Roadster and the Lotus Type 135.

Image: Hyundai

The South Korean auto industry is gaining an edge due to the world’s strong focus on carbon neutrality, pioneering new propulsion and battery technologies and making highly advanced zero-emission vehicles the new normal. In 2026, Hyundai plans to launch the world’s first hydrogen supercar, as per a new exclusive report fromThe Korea Economic Daily.

The world’s first hydrogen supercar will be a further developed version of the Hyundai N Vision 74 hydrogen fuel cell-hybrid concept that debuted in July 2022. That’s probably why, internally, Hyundai refers to it with the codename ‘N74.’ The production car will also have a rear-wheel drive drivetrain layout, and its powertrain will develop 570 kW (775 PS), allowing it to hit nought to 100 kph in just three seconds.

There’s no word on the top speed of the Hyundai N74. However, because the production car’s performance will be better than the concept (500+ kW or 680+ PS), it’s safe to assume that it will manage to at least reach the latter’s top speed – 250+ kph, if not exceed it. Similarly, Hyundai may ensure that it delivers at least the targeted range of the show car – 600+ km.

Needless to say, the Hyundai N74 will be a halo model, engineered to demonstrate the capability of hydrogen power and popularize hydrogen cars. Hyundai is developing the next-generation Nexo and plans to release it in 2025. Thus, the N74 could help Hyundai draw more customers towards the upcoming hydrogen fuel-cell electric SUV.

Hyundai plans to manufacture just 100 units of the N74 annually over a two-year period. Thus, with the cumulative production limited to 200 units, the hydrogen supercar will be a rare sight on the roads and offer exclusivity like no other Hyundai. Hyundai will manufacture a test mule in August and start production of the fully developed production model in June 2026.

With its futuristic powertrain, unique design, and limited production, the Hyundai N74 won’t come cheap. The Korea Economic Daily’s industry sources expect the price to be 500 million South Korean won or 338,000 euros. That would easily make this the most expensive Hyundai in history. Compared to the Ioniq 5 N, the current most expensive Hyundai, the N74 would be about four and a half times costlier. The six-digit price tag of well over a quarter of a million euros would put it in the supercar league. Its closest competitors could be BEVs like the next-gen Tesla Roadster and the Lotus Type 135. (in Korean)


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