VW ID.2 design finalized a year ahead of the world premiere

The design of the VW ID.2, the VW ID. 2all concept's production version, has been finalized. With the design locked, the first test units may hit the roads in the coming months.

Image: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Chief Designer Andreas Mindt has revealed that the company has frozen the design of the VW ID.2, Autocar said in a recent report. The design boss said that the final car is even better than the concept, which, if true, would be rare and quite an achievement. Speaking further, he suggested that the feedback for the show car was extremely positive and that allowed him to convince the decision-makers to turn it into a showroom-bound car.

As indicated by the ID. 2all, the ID.2 will look more normal than the other ID. EVs Volkswagen has launched so far. The German automaker is dialling down on futuristic as EVs become the new normal. In an interview with Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Mindt said that the company wanted to signal the start of a new era when it released the earlier ID. Models, but now, it wants to return to the values that define its brand. A sympathetic and attractive face is important for EVs at Volkswagen, he added.

The VW ID.2 will be more conventional on the inside, too. After receiving strong criticism from customers about the over-digitalised interiors in recent years, Volkswagen is taking a U-turn on some core elements. Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer recently admitted that the heavy touchscreen reliance in recent years “did a lot of damage” to the brand.

Volkswagen previewed a regular climate control panel with physical buttons in the ID. 2all, and it will likely go for the same approach in the ID.2. The steering wheel is also likely to feature physical buttons, keeping the interior simple and practical. Additionally, customers can expect some attractive storage solutions in the upcoming EV. In the interview with NOZ, Mindt said electric drives offer new possibilities in cars and stated a two-storey trunk in the ID.2 as an example.

Based on a modified, front-wheel drive version of the MEB platform, the VW ID.2 will be available in standard-range and extended-range variants, with 38 kWh and 56 kWh battery packs, respectively. The 38 kWh battery pack will consist of prismatic cells with LFP chemistry. The form and chemistry of the 56 kWh battery pack’s cells aren’t known yet. However, this unit is expected to deliver a WLTP range of up to 450 km. Volkswagen should offer the ID.2 with powertrains tuned to produce up to 166 kW.

The VW ID.2 will debut in late 2025 and its production will take place at the Seat factory in Martorell, Spain. Priced from under €25,000, it will go on sale in Europe in early 2026. A VW ID.2 GTI will likely debut in the second half of the same year.

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Michael Bradbury
13.06.2024 um 13:18
Take a Golf, shrink it a bit. Add large wheels. DONE!

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