Mahle SmartBike Systems presents new e-bike drive system

Mahle SmartBike Systems, the automotive supplier's e-bike division, has unveiled its new drive system for e-bikes. The new Mahle X30 consists of a motor, battery, HMI (Human Machine Interface), and other components. It is designed to be suitable for all e-bikes, whether racing bikes, gravel bikes, or children's e-bikes.

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The new X30 system should also be compatible with all components, accessories and digital equipment of the X20 system. The complete system can be supplemented with Pulsar ONE, eShifters, HMI, iX2 or iX3 batteries and Range Extender eX1 (e185).

The supplier highlights the new hub motor, which weighs 1.9 kilograms and has a torque of 45 Nm. Compared to a drive with a mid-motor, the energy efficiency is said to have been increased by 15 per cent, “allowing the user’s activity to be extended in an environmentally friendly way up to a distance of almost 190 km,” Mahle states in a press release. However, there is no data on the battery.

Instead, Mahle emphasises the versatility. The X-Series platform will enable bicycle brands to equip e-bikes with pedal assist sensors (PAS) or cadence and torque sensors to create a customised riding experience for each rider. The supplier explains the function in detail: The built-in torque sensor will analyse the rider’s performance, allowing the motor to “enable the motor to respond to the rider’s needs at all times.” Furthermore, the technology “together with AI and machine learning means that the eBike learns from the rider’s behaviour and adapts to both riders and their environment.”

The X30 system is customised depending on “the bike brand that implements it on its models, as well as by discipline and customer philosophy.” The motor mapping is defined together with the respective manufacturer and integrated into the e-bikes at the end of the production line. According to Mahle, the new system is introduced in cooperation with partners from the bicycle industry, including Bianchi for racing bikes, Husqvarna for children, and Stevens for urban use.

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