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e-Golf recalls: Volkswagen is recalling all of their 5,561 e-Golf sold in the U.S. since 2015, as oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system may cause the motor to shut down unexpectedly. An update of the battery management system will fix the issue, says the manufacturer. Other systems, like brakes, power steering and airbags remain unaffected.,

Tesla in China: Chinese media reports that the automaker is eying Suzhou, near Shanghai, as a possible production site. Though Tesla declined to comment, the Suzhou government is said to have already met on Tesla’s project. However, the carmaker will first have to find a local partner before being legally allowed to manufacture in the area.

100% electric roads: The Indian government plans to have only electric cars on the road by 2030. A funding scheme is currently being developed to offer EVs to consumers for no down payment, allowing buyers to repay the government with funds saved on gas. The supposedly self-financing program is set to be evaluated next week.,

E-bus plant: BYD announced plans to open a new 600m dollar plant in Taiyuan, China, as early as this year. The plant will manufacture up to 5,000 electric buses and 5,000 special purpose vehicles annually. The Chinese automaker expects large electric vehicles to generate annual sales of 15bn yuan, and plans to capitalize on existing government subsidies to increase electric vehicle circulation.

Niro expectations: Kia launched its first hybrid compact SUV Niro in South Korea this earlier week. The company aims to sell nearly 40,000 units globally, some 1,500 of which have already been pre-ordered. The vehicle will be launched in Europe and the U.S. later in the year.,

Panamera facelift: Porsche’s next-generation Panamera is headed to the Paris Motor Show this October and will go on sale shortly thereafter. it was Porsche’s worst performing model last year, but instead of scrapping the original design, the new Panamera is expected to simply be lighter, and more proportional.,


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