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Finer emission testing: EU nations voted for stricter emission rules for gasoline engines. Real-world emissions testing will thus include ultrafine particles. The new rules will apply for all new car models by September 2017, although carmakers had called for the rules to be delayed until 2019. By September 2018, all new vehicles will have to abide.

VW got a deal on 3l diesels: Volkswagen reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the state of California on 3.0L diesels. The German carmaker will pay 225m dollars into an environmental fund and 25m to CARB. But VW is also allowed to recall 75% of diesels (63,000) in order to bring them into compliance – if EPA and CARB approve the measure and a judge the deal.

BMW 5 PHEV pricing: BMW UK issued pricing for the 5 series plug-in hybrid. The 530e start at 43,985 GBP and will hit the shelves in February 2017.,


Tesla takes credit: The EV maker added 500m dollars to its credit lines as it prepares to expanse its production facilities for the Model 3. The deal increased two existing debts with Deutsche Bank.
The anti-Prius: Kia has made a true Prius-fighter with the Niro. Apart from being an efficient hybrid equipped with “fancy technology”, the Niro is “as normal as possible” according to Joel Stocksdale.

Review Renault: Neil Winn drove the 2016 Renault Zoe R90 Signature and found an electric car that is suitable for more people “than ever” as its range improved a lot with the 41 kW/h battery.


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