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Audi-Electric-CityCarFirst mini Audi EV: Audi walks on the trails of its mother brand as it ponders a very small autonomous EV the size of a VW e-UP, according to Autocar. The new model would be smaller than an A1 which suggests A0 e-tron the most likely label. A small production run from 2021 was announced at the annual general meeting and would serve to explore the A-level segment – hitherto unknown territory for Audi – before it could eventually scale up.

It is either 75 kWh or 100 kWh for all Teslas from June, 8 as the EV maker discontinues the 90 kWh battery option. It comes in the wake of the non-performance version, the 100D now out.

BMW i8 reloaded: Early 2018 will see BMW launch a stronger and sexier version of its (moderate) hyper hybrid i8. The new i8 gets its power lifted by 10 percent to 313 kW while new lights give it a newish face. A performance version dubbed Spyder comes with a manual drop-top.

EV JV sealed: Volkswagen is the second German carmaker after Daimler that took advantage of China tigthening ties to Germany. VW executives signed the agreement sealing the deal with JAC for a new joint venture to build electric cars in the People’s Republic in front of Chancellor Merkel and Premier Li Keqiang in Berlin. The first model may emerge by 2018 from out of a new facility and R&D centre.

China opens up: Beijing loosened EV subsidy rules this quarter as it adds 300 more plug-in models to the list. After producers were discovered cheating earlier this year, China had excluded many models until only 386 eligible New Energy Vehicles were left. Now, 1,396 models can be found on that list but overall, subsidies have been lowered, making it harder for carmakers to reach their quota.

Full on out: Toyota has sold its last Tesla share thus completing its cut off from the EV maker. It is the end of all plans for shared electric car development, an undertaking Toyota wants to go alone from now on. Its dedicated EV unit was only recently established and is led by CEO Akio Toyoda himself.


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