Jan 23, 2018 - 01:53 pm

Hyundai Nexo shall cost less than ix35 Fuel Cell


Nexo is the second generation of Hyundai’s fuel cell SUV and has been recently presented together with its technical specs. Now, information about the pricing is available, too. Thus, the model will be slightly less expensive than its predecessor, the ix35 Fuel Cell for 65,000 euros.

That is at least what “Zeit Online” reports referring to Frank Meijer, responsible for alternative drivetrains in Hyundai’s European headquarters. This would mean that the Nexo will cost less although it offers more power and range. One reason could be that the Nexo is Hyundai’s first vehicle particularly designed to meet the requirements of fuel cell tech. So far, the Koreans modified existing models as it has been the case with the ix35 Fuel Cell.

It is not long ago that Hyundai took the wraps off the Nexo. At CES, it showed the model for the first time and announced a range capacity of 500 miles (800 km) according to NEFZ. The new H2 car shall be launched before the year’s end “in select markets around the world”. Nexo’s fuel cell powertrain reaches an efficiency of 60 percent and provides 20 to 30 percent more power compared with the ix35 Fuel Cell. Moreover, Hyundai claims that the powertrain works properly being even confronted to extreme temperatures of -30 to +50 degree Celsius.
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