Siemens to make batteries for electric boats in Norway

Siemens has decided to move its battery production for electric marine vessels to Norway this Spring. The new location in Trondheim offers cheap energy from renewable sources and favourable policies for electric transport applications.

Siemens batteries for ships with electric drives will be made in Norway starting this year. The move will cost Siemens 10.5 million euros (100m Norwegian Krona) but the company expects to profit from low cost for green energy from hydropower. Furthermore, Norway offers attractive subsidies and a clear-eyed strategy on transport electrification, including maritime forms.

Two all electric ships, the Future of the Fjords and  Boreal’s electric ferry, are currently on the docks awaiting their launch into Norwegian waters upon completion. The first ever electric ferry in Norway however, had already been built with Siemens technology back in 2015 (we reported).

Their BlueDrive technology also powers a salmon farming electric vessel, again in Norway. Siemens has an office in Trondheim already so that the latest move will built on existing relations.


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